Here Comes Trouble!

You know what they say about those preacher’s daughters… trouble…

My name is Bethany Hardie, I’m 19 years old and currently a sophomore at Texas State. I’m the youngest of three siblings and obviously the favorite. I love my family, our church, and making funny comments at inappropriate times with my sister during my dad’s sermons. God has a sense of humor too, right? My father is an Episcopal priest at St. Marks Episcopal Church in Corpus ChristIMG_4594i, Texas, and my mother is a personal chef. My brother, John, is 23 living in College Station, and my sister, Julianne, is 22 and finishing school in Corpus with my parents. My brother, sister, and I have grown up in an environment that revolved around our relationship with God, our relationship with each other, and our relationship with our church, in that order. This lifestyle affected each of us very differently and sent us in completely different directions in our lives.

I grew up in a community, in a congregation, in a church, where people have known me since I was three years old. These people have watched me grow up, sent me off to high school, supported me through my first car, boyfriend, and now seen me off to college. I would say that I have a close and special bond to many people in my church for this very reason: they’ve been through it all with me. However, because they were around for each step of my childhood, all eyes were on their minster, John Hardie’s, youngest daughter, his little girl, me. As a preacher’s kid or “PK” as lingo goes, I’ve had St. Marks19 years of experience in this position. This is why I chose to write about my life as preacher’s daughter; let me tell you a little about this lifetime job.

This blog is directed to enlighten my peers and the public about the realistic life of a preacher’s daughter. Preacher’s children are either expected to be rebellious hellions or perfect role models. This is the typical stereotype. Although this would make for a much more interesting story, I’m neither of these. I’m a fairly normal teenager with a fairly normal life. However, in contrast with a lot of other people, instead of just being raised by my parents, I was raised by a church as well. You know what they say, it takes a village… This is what I hope to portray in this blog: the many different characters and situations that have been a part of my life that have simply made me, me.




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