Preachin’ on Paris

The Bible is a pretty good guide for preaching. Dad’s pretty lucky to have that thing, although I suppose that’s what our religion is based upon in the first place. I guess what I’m saying it that the Bible is chalk full of lessons, teachings, parables, advice, and instruction on how to live in our faith. It’s a long book, but it lays things out pretty well. So what happens when something comes up that the Bible…doesn’t exactly cover? How does Dad explain the unexplainable?

When tragedy takes place, something a lot of people say is, “Everything happens for a reason.” Does hearing that ever help? Nope. Sure doesn’t. Nobody wants to believe that any good thing could come or any reasoning could make sense when catastrophe hits. Maybe waking up late will keep you from being in a wreck. Maybe being in a wreck would prevent you from catching a flight. Maybe missing a flight would mean you didn’t perish with all those who crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11th. What was the reason for that, though?
It’s hard to find a reason for terrorism. It’s hard to explain why there is murder and evil. I find myself typing and backspacing over and over again even trying to write about it. So who do I go to? Dad. Who does everyone in our congregation go to? Dad. He has to make sense of it. It’s his responsibility to explain different outlooks, what other religions and religious extremist groups believe IMG_1321and stand for, and how our Christian duties call us to respond. (Lately it’s been on the religion of Islam, it’s pillars, and how ISIS’s radical and militaristic approach is so different from that of the peaceful, solemn Muslim people.) Somehow he’s strong enough to do that. That’s what I admire him for and am proud of him for this Sunday. Dad explains and makes sense of the unexplainable.

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