Wrapping Things Up

As the fall semester of my sophomore year comes to an end and I will be finished with my digital and online media course, it’s time to take a moment and look back to what I have learned this semester, how it has affected me, and evaluate my progress. These assignments have taught me a lot about social media tools, writing styles, and working on the web. However, they have also ended up teaching me a lot about myself. If it weren’t for this course I never would have been able to picture myself blogging, much less sharing personal thoughts and stories with the whole world, but I’ve surprisingly grown to love it. By organizing my thoughts, beliefs, and experiences and transitioning them into words integrated into this site, I have come to undersDSC_0437tand my faith better, my family better, and grasp a little of why I am the way I am. It’ refreshing.

Like I said previously, there were many tools to learn and incorporate into these posts. One of the most useful tools was learning how to write in a manner that was casual enough to be stylish and easy to read, but also grammatically correct and professional. I learned how to interview people and display their answers artfully, I was taught to evaluate other peoples work and discuss it, attach links and media to my writing, along with the skills of editing photos and videos. I don’t believe that there were any aspects of the criteria that were useless. In my future occupations of outreach, advertisement, and working with people, these skills will definitely be beneficial. For instance, now I’m capable of promoting an organization or company that I’m involved with through the internet and social media  and improve their outreach.

On this website I am able to see the statistics of which blog posts were more popular than the others, how many views there were, and how people came upon my blog. The statistics showed that my first week of blogging was my most popular with my very first post “Here Comes Trouble!” receiving 184 views. That’s so awesome! I think it was the most popular because it was my very first post, I posted it on Facebook, and I have many of the St. Mark’s parishioners as friends on Facebook. My guess is that seeing the word “trouble” in the preacher’s daughter’s title might have made people curious.

All in all, I was mostly surprised that my blog received any views at all and I especially wasn’t expecting the reaction and support I got from the people I know. Almost all of my views were from people on Facebook. I just want to say thank you for taking time out to read my blog and for giving me great feedback. I’ve learned a lot and I think my readers have learned a little more about me and my life as a preacher’s daughter as well. It’s been fun!


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