Mi Familia

Throughout this blog I have talked a lot about my family. Especially about my father, the preacher. I’ve hinted at how amazing my family is as a whole but I haven’t really gotten the chance to expand much on anyone else. My family is weird. The kind of weirfamd where you cover your face with embarrassment, secretly love it, and end up sharing all the stories with your best friends. I’m proud of my weird family and completely blessed to be apart of it. So let me elaborate…

John Hardie, the preacher and father of 3, is a wonderful man. He is my wise and level-headed  father who says way too many puns, is proud of his overgrown and wild eyebrow hairs, always messes with the garden when we’re trying to leave to go somewhere, my desert competitor, let me smooch you goodbye, hug you real tight daddy who I can pour my heart to. My dad has always been my go-to for questions about life, faith, and car problems. I’m so thankful to have the kind of father who is there for me no matter what, reminds me of love and respect, gives space when needed and leads our family by following God. A lot of the reason I carry myself with confidence and respectmom&dad is because of my father. I’ll always be grateful for that.

My beautiful mother, Melanie Hardie, is not only an awesome mom and stellar chef, but one of my best friends. She is selflessly there for me whenever I need to confide in someone about my stress, boy troubles, and cooking advice. I can always count on her to grab the keys and go window shopping with me after a bad day or snuggle up on the coach together and watch Netlfix. Whatever it is, my mother has always been there to support me, hold my hand through the hardest times of my life, and love me regardless of my past mistakes. As our family has gone through some tough times, it amazes me how through everything we’re all still standing on our feet holding each other up. My mom is the one we’re leaning on during those times and even though that responsibility is incredibly hard and sometimes damaging, she always handles it with so much grace and love. She holds our family together and I hope one day when I’m a mom, that I’m like her.

My older brother John, food and drink enthusiast, is currently living in College Station working at one of the most popular upscale restaurants in town. Our relationship has always consisted of pushing each other’s buttons until the other breaks and results in a fight. It’s quite fun. Because of our age difference and schooling circumstances, we haven’t lived together much, therefore we aren’t very close. However, I know that if I ever need anything, he would be there for me. My favorite memory with my brother is sitting together years ago in a deer blind freezing our butts off. He was with me when I shot my first buck and helped me decide what song to commemorate the memory with. I still have that bullet shell and will never forget that song and memory.sibs

Ahh, the weirdest and silliest of the family, my sister. Julianne is graduating A&M Corpus in just a few days and I couldn’t be more proud of her; she kicked college’s butt. Julianne is…well…probably my favorite person ever. She’s my best friend, role model, punching bag, and partner in crime. Even though we live in different cities and both always have a lot on our plate, we still talk almost everyday whether that be through social media platforms or just a couple texts. Our relationship is…special. Not many people understand or like our sense of humor but we’re almost constantly in a fit of giggles when we’re together. It drives our family crazy. For instance, last night when we were both supposed to be studying, I received a text from Julianne telling me to check my email. The result was a well thought out, 4 paragraph email about if she had to pick a food to be, why she would be a noodle and then described why she loves noodles so much. This is why I love her.

Like I said, my family is pretty weird but all together so special. I don’t know where I would be without them.